Why choose us for PPC Management?

First of all, what is PPC? It stands for pay-per-click, and it’s one of the most utilized marketing techniques today in the digital stratosphere. However, we see many companies that are paying way too much money for poorly structured and sloppy campaigns. Our competitors fall short in either organization or meeting measurable goals. We believe a successful PPC campaign relies on effective strategy and processes for pushing account performance, as well as optimizing for cost effectiveness. By doing both things, we create campaigns that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Keyword Research

Building a successful PPC campaign requires bidding on the right set of keywords. Ones that will convert and not just rack up cost. We research your company, product, and industry to get a sense of what keywords will work best for you. This is a continual process, as we are always looking to expand your account with profitable keywords.

Campaign Optimization

A common downfall of many PPC campaigns is a poorly structured account. We structure your PPC campaigns in the most tight and targeted way possible. We make sure that your customers see an ad for exactly what they searched for, and go to exactly the page they want to see. No more wasted money on irrelevant or generic ads and landing pages.

Match Types

Keyword match types help control what queries your ads will show for. Too broad of targeting can mean a lot of unqualified traffic from irrelevant queries. Too narrow of targeting and you miss out on profitable visitors. It’s important to understand how the different match types work with and against each other in order to be as effective as possible with the keyword selection.

Negative Keywords

Another commonly overlooked, yet very important piece to a more profitable PPC account, is a good negative keyword strategy. Without the proper negative keywords, your ads can show for many irrelevant queries and bring unqualified traffic to your site. That’s traffic you pay for. The goal of our rich negative keyword strategy is to ensure only qualified visitors, that are likely to convert, see your ads. This boosts conversion rate and ROI.

Bid Management

Bid adjustments are a crucial part of a successful PPC program, yet they often don’t get the attention they deserve and absolutely need. When left to a “set it and forget it” approach or when managed without a clear, strategic process, performance will never be near the level it could be. With the accounts we manage, we implement a bidding strategy that looks at every keyword, based on various performance metrics, on a regular basis. Our bidding strategy has proven to be extremely effective.

Bid Automations

While our primary bid management strategy consists of manual bid adjustments, bid automations can play an important role in larger accounts. The powerful software platform we license allows us to create sophisticated rules that automatically adjusts bids based on keyword performance. Using bid automation for accounts with an extremely high number of low volume keywords can provide significant time savings and allow us more time to focus on important keywords and areas that will have the largest impact for your company.

Day Parting

Day parting allows us to increase bids during times when performance is highest and decrease when they are at their lowest. We analyze your account to determine what days of the week and what hours of the day consistently have the highest conversion rates. With our day parting strategy, we can then increase bids during these times to improve performance and efficiency. The opposite is done during times with low conversion in order to save on cost. This allows the budget to be used in the most optimal way.

A/B Testing

While we can have a hunch on which version of ad copy, or which landing page will perform best, our instincts aren’t always right. The only way to know for sure that you aren’t missing out on unclaimed revenue is to test, test, test. The great thing about digital marketing is that data is everywhere, and everything is measurable. We use this to our advantage and extensively test ad copy variations and landing pages. This continual process provides us with valuable insights and squeezes out more profits for you.