Wondering how to get your message out?

Did you know that only 23% of marketers using email marketing integrate their website and mailing lists to capitalize on their click-throughs (Pew Marketing, 2016)? We believe there is much more to email than just clicking ‘send’, and we help by tracking your conversions, clicks, and more through Google Analytics. We also help eliminate your stress by planning out your marketing calendar, and preparing your beautiful, customized emails. Lastly, we test, test, and test some more to find out how to improve and grow your readership. Contact us today to get started on transforming and improving your email strategy!

  • Setup and establish ESP (Email Service Provider)
  • Connect checkout system to ESP
  • Setup Conversion Tracking Code in Google Analytics (GA)
  • Establish UTM tracking in GA.
  • Build out isolated, segmented industry/category related groups in ESP to identify customer segments
  • Work with client to plan out marketing calendar on a monthly basis.
  • Prepare, design, send proofs to client, Email launch pending approval
  • Regularly A/B test subject lines for optimal open rates.
  • A/B Test various layouts for optimal KPI’s.
  • Email optimization for desktop, tablet and mobile platform
  • Test multiple client landing pages per campaign for optimal conversion.
  • Work with Client Team to build email list in multiple channels including social, onsite and funnel pages.
  • Determine Email Promotional send frequency